Dielectric Coating and Insulating Parts and Components

What Is Dielectric Coating?

A Dielectric Coating is a thin / thick film coatings made of  dielectric materials that does not conduct electricity.

Dielectric coating is one form of electrical insulation, providing  safety and reliability for electrical components and the tools used in working with electrical systems.

An insulator’s quality is higher, the higher the level of dielectric strength. That means that a coating’s ability to resist or withstand the passage of an electrical current increases with a higher quality – a higher level of dielectric strength.

Thickness of Coatings can be varied and  applied to parts as films or powder coatings applied by either by electro static spray or fluidized bed.

Plastics are very poor conductors of electricity, additional features, such as durability and resistance to moisture and chemicals make them especially suitable as dielectric insulation coatings.

The abrasion and corrosion resistance of materials such as nylon, vinyl, and epoxy add additional protection and resilience, while plastisol combines those features with a thicker, more grippable feel for applications which benefit from it.

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