What is epoxy powder coating?

Epoxy powder coating is a method of protecting copper and aluminium components that  are used in various industries. It is based on the creation of special insulating coatings,  giving the base surface the appropriate physical, chemical, functional and aesthetic  properties.

Epoxy powder coating has great advantages when it comes to insulating  busbars . It has many benefits over traditional sleeving and wrapping of busbars, especially when  complex shapes are required.

Heat shrink sleeve , Fibre glass insulation, are time consuming and unsuitable for convoluted shapes.

With the move to pure electric drivetrains in cars and aircraft, there is an ever-increasing demand to fit more busbars into a confined space, creating the need for more complex  shaped busbars than ever – this is where epoxy powder coated insulation comes in to its  own.

Epoxy powder coating can be done both dipping as well as electro-static process .

The possibility to create coatings of different thicknesses, as well as the combination of powder coating with electroplating (e.g. using silver, nickel, tin and other metals), offers great possibilities apart from maximum conductivity and environmental protection.

Advantages of powder coating as insulation for busbars

  • Improves Durability
  • Maintains Conductivity of Electrical Components
  • Prevents Corrosion

Epoxy powder coating is therefore used in following applications:

  1. Automotive sector
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Renewable energy, aviation, railway
  4. Heavy and marine industries.
  5. Electric Power, inside Switchgear and Panel Board Distribution
  6. Low Voltage Equipment in Battery Banks.
  7. Interconnection of Capacitor Links, DC Link, IGBT Power Module
  8. High Current Inductors etc for various markets like Power Electronics, Wind Energy, Solar energy
  9. Aerospace Application, Military Application, and Transportation.